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From original ‘About AudioActivism’ post: “I reserver the creative right to change the focus of my podcast/radio show and to switch over suddenly to a completely different subject but *now* I dig this one.”

Update 01/19/05
What AudioActivism is and does is in flux. One constant is audio. Another is my love of all peoples, democracy and social justice. Oh yeah and I’m always going to be politically and socially a leftist! I’m just too old to change that now. It’s my definition of the term ‘Activism’ that has become more complex. [Here is how wikipedia defines activism.]

My first personal definition of Activism was taught to me by people who worked tirelessly for others benefit. So when I thought of activism I thought of them. They are non-violent protestors, conscientious objectors, marchers, and organizers for beautiful causes. Yet the more I looked and listened the more I realize that everyone can be an activist.

We can all engage ourselves in a cause. Our causes are more diverse than there are people in the world. If we see something we find unjust we can act to change it. I find the state of our media in the world to be highly unjust. AudioActivism.org is my way of changing this.

So I hope when you listen to my podcasts and read my blog entries you think about how I’m framing them in the term, activism. Right now, January 19, 2005, I’m fascinated with Grassroots Journalism (a.k.a. Citizen Journalism, Distributed Journalism, etc.) and how we can act to become the media and present other things to think about. There are few more powerful non-violent methods of social change than sharing ideas with people. That’s what activist journalism is you know… sharing ideas.

[Begining of original post]

The website AudioActivism is hosted by ibiblio.org and contains various audio about the web and the world we live in. Right now (as of 10/01/04) I’m posting a podcast/radio show called 3URLS.

The 3URLs show is a weekly talk radio style show about three websites involved in some sort of activism. Once a week I’ll talk about the sites and why you should visit them. Occasionally the show will contain an interview with someone involved in activism &/or the web and we’ll discuss three or more websites that interest them. The goal of audioactivism.org is to tell people about cool websites that perform great activism in media, politics, information, etc..

All of the AudioActivism 3URL shows are under a Creative Commons License. Feel free to use the audio for other purposes but please provide this website credit, do not make money from them, and be sure to share the audio with others. Read about the AudioActivism Creative Commons license here.

I reserver the creative right to change the focus of my podcast/radio show and to switch over suddenly to a completely different subject but *now* I dig this one. Isn’t that one of the beautiful freedoms of non-commercial webcasting? 😀

3 thoughts on “About AudioActivism”

  1. Hi!

    I’m just now airing your AA_3URLs20041003 podcast here on the Whole Wheat Radio webcast. I’m very excited to hear what you’re doing. We have a streak of activism as well … and this is great to hear your show!

    I couldn’t find an email address on your site or else I’d write an email. I’ll just use this comment (erase if you like later) for a moment.

    We can pick up podcasts and webcasting automatically (http://www.wholewheatradio.org/jbb/comments.php?id=P227_0_1_0) and I’d love to do that with yours. The only hitch is, I need to have some short segments (5-10 minutes is great) … so if you have any of those or plan on producing them, it’s a perfect fit!

    Also, you’re saving your MP3s as 128kbps/44Hz which is very high quality, but makes very big files for download. I’m writing a series of podcaster tips (http://www.wholewheatradio.org/jbb/comments.php?id=P224_0_1_0) and will be doing the next one on formats to save. But just wanted to give you a heads up that 56kbps/22Hz is fine for vocal work. That will make your MP3s much smaller and more likely people will download them.

    Sorry to come across so strong in a first post, but am listening to you now, running the station, keeping up on podcasts etc so very busy. I just wanted you to know that I *love* what you’re doing and would like to expose more listeners to it!

  2. Loving this premise, please keep up the good work. Listening to the background at Weaver Street Market made me homesick..
    Would love to talk with you about a podcast site I am putting together. It’s for independent musicians, and we will be casting small casts (one song segments)in a variety of musical categories to be sent to iPods. This is an effort to tilt the balance of power back into the user’s and artist’s camps rather than the record company’s. We call this project IndieFeed. I’m still running around collecting content. Should be ready for podcast soon! I know Chapel Hill is rife with great independent bands, perhaps you have a few in mind who would like some exposure? 🙂

  3. hey Audioactivist, thanks for the shout out – just found it while checking links on google. I’ll be blogging the state of AZ over the weekend with a crew from Phoenix then heading back home for the big meltdown, saving my strength for whatever fresh hell awaits us after the 2nd. If the bastards try to steal it Again, hopefully we’ll have this country papered… might not change anything, but I’ll be damned if I’ll see us go without a whimper like last time – peace, and let me know if you’d like to do an interview sometime… yours, scarlet p.

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