Brandon Fuller’s MT-Enclosures

A hard working coder named Brandon Fuller has written a very cool MT plugin called MT-Enclosures. Today I installed it and got it working.

MT-Enclosures dynamically inserts a tag in your RSS file that MT generates. So if you have a media file, like a MP3, linked to in one of your entries it will be listed in the RSS file. Dave Winer describes it as a Payloads for RSS. Basically this xml tag provides a url to the media file, info on how big it is, and what type it is.

Example from Dave Winer’s site:
<enclosure url="" length="5588242" type="audio/mpeg"/>

The end results for is that people who subscribe to the RSS feed can automatically download the MP3s linked to in my entries. Adam Curry and allot of folks are talking & blogging about this and writing scripts and apps to do it. This has become known as Podcasting.

I’m using Adam Curry’s AppleScript iPodderb03.