3URLs 10/25/04

During this show I discuss Indymedia and it’s huge influence on the DIY media movement (blogs are part of this IMHO as is Podcasting) and it’s fundamental effect on my life.
Entire 10/25 Show 29m 55s 13.6MB 64kbps

Issues of privacy online and in the physical world is also mentioned. Plus I give props to Creative Commons and express my belief that creative people (i.e. Podcasters, business people, musicians, filmmakers, etc.) will retain their Intellectual Property power if they use smart licensing.

Sites Discussed

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  1. Thanks baby! This live, color commentary, think on your feet style of broadcating is tricky. It’s so easy to forget important details. I wonder how Bob Costas keeps it chill? This shit is rough sounding, but it stays super fresh this way. If I scripted and performed it the show would blow.

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