3URLs 11/01/04

This week I visit the Internationalist Bookstore and Community Center in Chapel Hill, NC.

The show contains a tour of the Internationalist Bookstore, interviews with volunteers and board members, descriptions of select books, periodicals, and bumper stickers. The focus is on the people and places that support and inform our activism. Hopefully this will remind us why we use the Internet as a tool for change.

Entire 11/01 show 24m 10s 11MB 64kbps

This week I also use a bit of Creative Commons licensed music from the WIRED CD Rip, Sample, Mash, Share at the beginning and end of the show. It’s a free bit of music that I am using in this show legally. ‘Cause that’s what the artists WANT ME TO DO!

Sample from the song Wadidyusay? by Zap Mama.
Bit of instrumental tunes from the song Relaxation Spa Treatment by Dan The Automator.