Sharing at the Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a wonderful library of the internet itself. (whole web sites, audo, video, etc.) I’ve been uploading my 3URLs show files their to reach more listeners.

More specifically you should go to the Open Source Audio section of the Internet Archive. Try searching for Audio Activism and check out what they have. They’ve even made Ogg Vorbis files and M3U streaming files of the 3URLs show!

Side note: One interesting thing about the Internet is that people tend to regularly hang out at the same few places online. I bet allot of people listening to podcasts aren’t really getting audio or sharing it from the Internet Archive. Though many people may hang out in allot of places on the Internet there are only 24 hours in the day! Eventually you must decide what area &/or method you trust for your content. If only because you have just so much energy to devote to surfing ALL OVER the web, or because you relate to a certain ideal that is expressed on a website. (ex. I like what Doc Searls’s says most of the time so I ‘hang out’ on his blog reading to find the next cool bit of wisdom. Plus he’s a Linux geek and that jives with my ideals.) Also, most people have jobs, family, hobbies, volunteer activities, etc. that take up time in meat space. All of these are interesting factors that determine what we’ll listen to and where we get it from.