WXYC – The History and Future of Internet Radio

Today’s podcast is a recording of the WXYC panel discussion on the history and future of Internet radio. It was also broadcast simultaneously on WXYC 89.3 FM.

WXYC panel discusison 11/07 show 1h 32m 52s 44.3MB 64kbps
Go Here to Stream the show. (cause it’s long and bandwith ain’t free 🙂

Today, Sunday November 7th WXYC 89.3 FM at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is celebrating the 10th anniversary of their webcast, the oldest in the world!

Go here to learn more about WXYC’s Webcasting 10th Anniversary Celebration.

Bret Dougherty facilitated this discussion and kept everyone on topic.

The speakers at the panel discussion were:
+ Mike Shoffner and David McConville (who set up WXYC’s original webstream in 1994)
+ Paul Jones of ibiblio.org
+ John Streck of NCSU’s CENTAUR Lab NC-ITEC
+ And me

p.s. I spoke a bit about Podcasting. 🙂

2 thoughts on “WXYC – The History and Future of Internet Radio”

  1. Since Brian is being modest, I’ll point out that both Tim Ross (http://www.tubafrenzy.org/weblog/archives/000086.html) and Paul Jones (http://ibiblio.org/pjones/wordpress/index.php?p=98) made it clear that he saved the day for this event. The UNC people who were supposed to bring the audio equipment failed to even show up. Since Brian had his recording gear with him, they were able slap together a simple system with binaural mics sending audio through his minidisc recorder and out to the radio station. It was broadcast live on the radio through this set-up! And course, that means Brian captured an excellent recording of the conversation.

    Man those little mics really work!

  2. The panel discussion was very interesting to an I/T geek like me. Thanks for the history lesson on Internet radio and the many other tangent topics that came up (ipv6, bit torrent, audio legal/licensing challenges, etc.). Well done.

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