What do YOU want to hear?

Doc Searls and many other folks have got me thinking about the nature of podcasting. Is it just a one way medium like radio? Is it two way? (thanks to blogs) Does it work *more* than two ways?

Doc Searls wrote, “So now I’m thinking that public radio’s problem, like publishing’s problem, is that they think of themselves as “content providers.” They’ve bought into the idea that radio is a shipping system for moving “content” from producers to consumers, rather than a place where people get to say, and hear, what they like. For each other.”

The part that really resinates with me is, “a place where people get to say, and hear, what they like.”

So what do you want to say and hear? What do you like?

The amount of downloads for the mp3 on this site have been fantastic! (I’m going to post numbers soon…hope ‘downloads’ really translates into ‘listeners’) These numbers are really encouraging! My ultimate goal is to enjoy making cool stuff and hoping people enjoy it. Really! I need to know that ya’ll are listening and liking what I’m up to. Yet my ego isn’t so fragile that my life would end if no one said anything. I want to keep making the show as long as my job and life can make room for it. (My girlfriend loves that I have this podcasting blog she’s a crazy blogger, too.)

This thinking has got me wondering how I can make this site more participatory. I enjoy how Adam Curry does it. He asks for audio posts and plays them on the air. Then he responds to them live. Quite a cool “podcasting/blogging” way of doing things. I’ll ask you questions during the show. Here are a few now.

Has online activism changed for you since the US presidential election? Does it seem as important?

Is anyone in North Carolina really listening?

Would people from other US states or other countries care if I talked about local stuff?

Are our discussions about websites really like movie reviews?

Thanks for listening! Go out and get involved in your local cause!