Ogg.xml – a Ogg audio only feed

I just put up a second RSS 2.0 feed called ogg.xml. It contains Ogg Vorbis audio file enclosures. This way if you want just that type of audio file format all you have to do is subscribe to that feed.

The original AudioActivism.org RSS 2.0 feed, index.xml, still contains the podcast shows. But it will only have MP3s from now on.

There are many reasons why I’m doing this. One purpose of having more than one feed is to prevent duplicate downloads. If I put the MP3s and the Ogg Vorbis audio files in the same RSS 2.0 feed then unsuspecting downloaders using iPodder or iPodderX (for example) would download all the files from each weeks show. At this time this seems the best way to share different file types. Maybe in a month or so (I mean, WOW, podcasting apps are changing FAST!) all of the podcasting download applications will get a bit more intelligent and discern what file type the RSS feed contains and will ask you which one you want to download.

Much thanks to Brandon Fuller AGAIN for making the excellent MTenclosures plugin for Movabletype. It’s latest incarnation identifies different file types (ex. mpeg/audio, application/ogg, application/torrent) and allows you to tell your RSS feed which to enclose.

Soon I’ll have a RSS feed just for Bit Torrent files! Man the possibilities are HUGE!