Local Activists 11/14/04 Pt.2

Here is the second half of the interview with Matt Robinson. He’s a local activist here in Chapel Hill, NC, a writer, and social worker.

Entire 11/14 pt.2 show – MP3 40m 12s 18.5MB 64kbps
Entire 11/14 pt.2 show – OGG 40m 12s 18.2MB 64kbps

The second part with Matt contrasts online activism with physical activism. The power of Technology and how it can bring about unintended consequences to humanity is analyzed. I wanted to hear Matt perspective which is very different from mine and grok something allot of us geeks don’t think about unless we’re watching The Matrix. I ask how these logical and factual points can provide technologists and people with good perspective.

# Geek translation
# By studying the dark side of the force Anakin Skywalker learned *allot* about life.
# This *doesn’t* mean you have to become Darth Vader…

Show Note:
These shows are part of a new category here at AudioActivism.org called Podcasting–Local Activists. More shows in the future will be interviews with people in my local community and discussion of their involvement in activism. I might even start calling my weekly show Local Activists. Maybe I’ll go back and forth, like I’m doing now, from 3URLs to other subjects. Listen as this place evolves into what it becomes.

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  1. Thanks! It was allot to listen too for sure. 🙂 But I hope everyone got something from it. I *really* appreciate your comments.

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