Local Activists 11/21/04

This week’s show is an interview with Betsy Greer of crativism.com. She combines crafts, like knitting, with a socially engaged conscious. One example of her Craftivism is making clothing for people in need. (Also known as crafting for charitable causes.)

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We discuss her influences, how she combined activism and crafts, why knitting for a cause can be more effective and fulfilling than marching for a cause, and other purposes of Craftivism like skill sharing.

Recently Betsy had some of her writings published in the new book Hip Home Ec: The Get Graft Book! from getcrafty.com and Jean Rallia. Also she has something in a “secret” upcoming publication by the women at pdxsupercrafty.com.

Here are few sites that help explain the world of Crafts and Activism.
Hip Home Ec: The Get Graft Book!
Church of Craft

The group afgans for Afgans is a humanitarian and educational people-to-people project that sends hand-knit and crocheted blankets and garments to the beleaguered people of Afghanistan.