3URLS 12/12/04

There’s a lot of Internet radio out there. Many people have been producing progressive news and culture style productions long before podcasting came arround. I discuss a few and drop my audio comment phone number on ya’ll.

MP3 31m 49s 14.5MB 64kbps
OGG 31m 49s 15MB 64kbps

Call and leave a voice mail comment by calling (206) 66-3541.

Check out these internet radio sites:
radio4all.net The A-Infos Radio Project

The Fifth HOPE (2600 hacker Con)


Links about the streaming encoder project I’m working on
encoder software

Low latency Linux Kernel
Planet CCRMA

ALSA MAudio delta44 drivers

Flavor of Linux I’m using (Fedora Core might have been a better idea 🙂
RedHat 8.0

Mobile Podcasts
Samsung Yepp YP-T5 (this sucker encodes MP3s from a line-in on the fly!)