What are Audio Comments?

Within this blog entry I elaborate on audio comments and what’s up with the feedback phone number. Call (206) 666-3541 to leave a audio comment.

Please remember that audio comments may be included in a podcast.

Blogs are a many to many communication medium that revolve around communicating with the written word. Now we have a large movement of blogs that use the spoken word in the form of electronic audio files to communicate. This is known as podcasting, audio blogging, and Internet radio. Until recently the terrestrial radio call in show was the only way to have a public few to many spoken word communication.

[The best source for the ever evolving definition of podcasting, in English, is on the wikipedia.org website here.]

Because podcasting started out using weblog software it too strives to be a two way communication medium. Instead of people writing text about others text some people are recording audio about other people’s audio communication.

It is becoming easier and easier to record and share your own multimedia files on the Internet with extensions like mp3, ogg, mov, aiff, wav, etc. With this ease podcasters are quickly catching up with text bloggers by developing many to many communication that makes text blogs so rich.

Enter audio comments.

Audio comments are really just audio recordings encoded in a computer file format that content relates to another persons communications. Think telephone voice mail about someone’s blog.

Right now several podcasters are taking advantage of free services at websites like k7.net that provides a “web-based unified messaging system that channels your free voicemail and fax messages directly to your e-mail.”

Here’s how it works in relation to my podcast. Let’s say you download a mp3 of a show at AudioActivm. (Thanks a lot!) For some reason what I say makes you think. 🙂 You have answers &/or questions about what I said and wonder how you can tell me. One option is to go to the blog entry at audioactivim.org and write a comment. More likely you aren’t at a computer when you think about this quick statement you’d like to make. So you call my audio comment number (206) 666-3541 and leave a voice mail. Then I get an email saying someone left a message. Attached to the email is a wav file of your voice mail. Then I listen to your wav file containing what you have to say. My goal at this point is to incorporate civil, relevant, and clear audio into my show. This way we have a slower but more emotionally rich form of many to many communication.