Do I sound what I look like?

This is the eternal question of all radio hosts, or a wanta be like me. Now say six times real fast, “The fish was delish and it made quite a dish!”


Paul Jones just tiped me to a flash movie of Strong Bad answering an email from a “Scottish Radio Wanta be”.

Strong Bad pointed out that radio anouncers, “Look absolutly nothing like they sound”. Does my picture above look how I sound?

Here is the e-mail I sent Strong Bad:

Dear Strong Bad,
I enjoyed your movie at

What do you think a podcaster sounds like?

We all sound different. I think I sound like a college radio guy that was raised by Pirate radio anarchists.

IMHO, Adam Curry aka “The Podfather” sounds rather like a stoned drive time morning show dude..

Ya’ll are funny!
p.s. I wonder if I sound like i look?