Podcasting Tutorial

I just wrote a introduction to podcasting on my blog over at the Digital Divide Network website. Check it out. Bring the good power of technology to the people!

This tutorial is over at the Digital Divide Network first because I believe knowledge belongs to everyone. Sure you might find my blog in the sea of the blogosphere, but I’m most interested in what people who go to DDN would do with it. To me Podcasting has always been about more than annoying commercial style radio. Any time you increase access to media making tools, show people how to use them, and make them easier to use you increase the opportunity for real democracy. This is just one step, there is still a learning curve. A knowledge barrier still exists. But this is why I’m sharing my knowledge, to remove the barriers.

I must acknowledge that the power of technology is not available to everyone now. Some stats say that only thirty percent of the world is using the Internet. It is obvious to me that in the USA bloggers are overwhelmingly white and male. It is my sincere mission to share the knowledge that will facilitate EVERYONES individual power. No matter what your race, nationality, gender, or sexual preference is. My dream is to see new and innovative uses of Podcasting.

The very best place to learn more about Podcasting is the Wikipedia website at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Podcasting

BTW…the tutorial is a work in progress. If you have any suggestions on how to improve it. Please write a comment.

UPDATE 12/26/04 : I’ve put the entire Podcast Tutorial & Intro mentioned in this entry here on my own blog to increase the number of people who read it and use it.