Miami Warmth and Activist Ideas

Another quick podcast. This time from the road. Sixty degrees in Miami avoiding the cold blast on the east coast. 🙂

MP3 3m 24s 3.2MB 128kbps

Ruby and I are in Miami, FL to celebrate her Fathers birthday. While we’re here I have to get the podcast done ya know. So I’m using my Samsung Yepp & Mini-Disc as preamp combo to get the job done. After I finished the show I used her Grandmothers eMac to download the mp3 off of the Yepp, put ID3 tags on the file w/ iTunes, upload it with the Mac Terminial app and scp, write this post using the web based MovableType interface, and delete some comment spam.

Quite the portable solution. All without carrying a computer around.

* During the show I mentioned the Podcasting Introduciton & Tutorial I put over at

* I’ve been reading Dan Gilmore’s new book from O’Reilly called “We The Media”. I’m really enjoying it. Seems like a very good introduction to the future of media as being created by bloggers, internet radio, and digital video online. Quite a ballenced introduction. Fair to all sides of political issues, IMHO.

* Andy Carvin at has a voice mail number from too. Go check out his blog at the send him a audio comment by calling (206) 888-2762. (An American phone nubmer)

* I mentioned an idea I would like to collaborate on with people. A new tutorial called “Podcasting for the Citizen Journalist working for Social Justitce”. I’m writting this now. Hopefully people with classical Activist organizing skills will help me merge them with what I’ve learned about Podcasting.