Lessig experiences true democracy at the World Social Forum

This blog post by Lawrence Lessig is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read. Not for the sentence structure or poetic writing style but for the beautiful vision he shares with us. I want to read it over and over again and imagine what it would be like if my immediate surroundings were like this. He’s speaking at the World Social Forum with Gilberto Gil and Manuel Castells. While he was there he visited the Youth Camp where this event happened. Why is it so hard to imagine this happening in the US? Just read it… I can’t even begin to explain…

Dan Gilmor to Speak at UNC on Feb. 14

I’d heard a rumor not long ago that Dan Gillmor, the grassroots journalism champion, was coming to Chapel Hill. Paul Jones just confirmed it by posting the details on his blog. Mr. Gillmor will speak at 3:30 PM Monday, February 14 at the Freedom Forum Conference Center on the Third Floor of Carroll Hall at the University of North Carolina. [map & more] According to the Triangle Bloggers Conference wiki he’s a moderator for Session 2: Using Blogs to Create Community. I hope that it means he’ll be there. We’re all very excited to see and hear what he brings to the conversation. My goal is to interview him for a podcast. 🙂

Train Everyone to be the Future’s Grassroots Journalist

Dan Gillmor brings important attention to the need for education in new journalism. We need to reach women and people of color so they can be part of the conversation too. A lot of the folks who will become the media in the future will do so part time. They need direct assistance in telling the stories they want to tell. Not just online tutorials like I’ve been making (too techie for many) they will need hands on workshops, tutors, and mentors. All stuff you do offline the old school way.
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FCC Chairman Powell to quit!

A flurry of emails today notified me that Federal Communication Commission Chairman Michael Powell is leaving his post. Read the Wall Street Journal article reposted here. (at freepress.net). We must act now to get a better FCC chairman! Encourage your elected officials to sellect a better person for the job. Go here and email the president!