Train Everyone to be the Future’s Grassroots Journalist

Dan Gillmor brings important attention to the need for education in new journalism. We need to reach women and people of color so they can be part of the conversation too. A lot of the folks who will become the media in the future will do so part time. They need direct assistance in telling the stories they want to tell. Not just online tutorials like I’ve been making (too techie for many) they will need hands on workshops, tutors, and mentors. All stuff you do offline the old school way.

Gawd dang it! Dan is reading my mind.

Quote: “Education and assistance to the former audience will be a piece of the enterprise I’m going to be creating, and I’m all ears on how to approach it.”

I’m writing a grant right now to do just what he’s sugesting. Hmm… maybe I’m reading his mind or just part of a group consiousness. Grassroots journalism is going mainstream!

Hopefully I’ll have something to share soon. Maybe when you come to Chapel Hill in Feburary we can talk about it, Dan. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Train Everyone to be the Future’s Grassroots Journalist”

  1. I am taking radio jouranlism in Cegep/ College and I have the freedom to choose the topics I would like to talk about – I live in montreal a huge activist city but I seem to be lost for thought – any ideas? please e-mail me.

    Thank you

  2. There are a lot of things you could write about. Start by asking yourself some questions. What do you care about? What makes you mad or happy about your city? Are there things in your city that are unjust? Use the answers to fuel your writing. Write about what your passionate about.

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