The irony of bloggy spokesmodels

Roxanne Cooper asks a interesting question over at Morph, the media center blog. Her words, “There are a handful of old white men who usually serve as the official spokes models for blogs/ citizens-based media/ two-way media/ grassroots media as it relates to the future of journalism. Most of them spent their younger, productive days toiling in legacy media. Does anyone else see the irony in this?” Hmm.. this is ironic. I posted a response. Read it there or here.

My response to Roxanne Cooper’s question at the Morph blog.

From what I can see the high profile evangelists for ‘Citizen Journalism’ are old, white, male, and American. We do need a more diverse group to speak up and get involved. (I think the O.W.M.A think so too) The first step is to bring education and public Internet access to neighborhoods in communities. There are all kinds of grants out there. But the reasons for this situation are much larger than citizen journalism. People are focused on the fundamentals. Like a serious lack of BASIC computer literacy among people.

On the subject of the phrase ‘Citizen Journalism’… the word citizen does exclude people. People seeking citizenship in the US, who are also our neighbors, deserve to be heard. I’m trying to use the phrase ‘Grassroots Journalism’ instead. In the micro-community of podcasting there’s a lot of time being wasted on the semantics of pod in podcasting. Let’s not get too distracted.

As a grassroots journalist I’m asking all of my interviewees about race and gender diversity as it relates to the Internet. Hopefully there will be more on this in the future on my podcast and blog at