Local Bloggers in Greensboro Talk with Dave Winer

The News & Record, the local paper for Greensboro, NC, just hosted a public forum where local bloggers discuss the future of media with Dave Winer. Dave asked some direct questions of the newspaper folks and the bloggers. I was also very glad to hear Jerry L. McClough, the Blogmaster for 102 North Carolina NAACP blogs, bring up some serious gaps in local reporting. We need more perspectives to reach a wider audience! Here’s the Greensboro NAACP blog. Also, Dave talked about the beginning of podcasting too.

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4 thoughts on “Local Bloggers in Greensboro Talk with Dave Winer”

  1. Brian it was a pleasure to meet you last night and having the opportunity to talk with you. I’m looking forward to talking with you one on one. Brain I’m the Blogmaster for the state of NC NAACP the state has 102 blogs. I enjoyed reading and hearing the posts on your site and I’m looking forward to your future posts.

    Thanks Brain


  2. I enjoyed the show, especially the last 20 minutes. BTW, the way to skim podcasts is to read the comments (1:07). But it’s definitely enjoyable to listen in.

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