Interview with Marty Kearns

This weeks show is an interview with Marty Kearns. He’s the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Green Media Toolshed. His personal weblog is We talked about GMT, what Network Centric Advocacy is, why non-profits should blog, examples of Network Centric Advocacy in action, etc.

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Back story: It all started last week when Chris MacDonald of emailed telling me about how he had been interviewed by Voice of America TV. (A US government news group that broadcasts to the world and *not* to the US. Many people in the world consider it official US propaganda.) He asked me if I would like the same opportunity. I said, “Heck yes!”. So Chris gave me Brian Purchia, of VOA, phone number and we were off. On Tuesday night I drove to Washington, DC. Chris gave me a place to stay and was a stellar host. On Wednesday while I was interviewing Marty we were also being filmed by Voice of America TV for a show about Podcasting. I was interviewed afterwards about Podcasting and Brian Purchia recorded the whole process I go through to complete a Podcast. So before I left the building I had recorded a interview, been interviewed, digitized and tweaked my audio, converted the audio into a MP3, but IDv3 tags on the MP3, uploaded the MP3, enclosed it in RSS, and written a blog entry on this site. That same day I drove home to Chapel Hill. Traffic being the crazy mess it is plus a pit stop or two kept me from getting home until 11pm or so. What a whirlwind tour!

BIG THANKS to Chris MacDonald, Marty Kearns, Ruby Sinreich, Brian Purchia, and the camera woman whose name I did not catch.

Personal Tech note: I took all this gear up to DC. My purpose was two fold. One, to get the BEST audio possible. Two, to have something for the TV cameras to look at. Let’s face it the process of making radio (Podcasting is the great grandchild of radio right?) just doesn’t *look* all that interesting. Well… my MOTU 828 mkII analog to digital FireWire device just would not work! I couldn’t get my ibook to recognizes it via the FireWire connection. ARRRRRGGG! So as I sat there with three busy people waiting for me. On top of that the impression that Podcasting is something ANY ONE can DO just disappeared. Luckily I had my trusty lavalier mics from Giant Squid Mics and my mini-dics recorder with me as back up. It worked like a charm! I’m now even more dedicated to discovering easy ways to Podcast in high quality and teach people how to do it.

Next problem… How do I get the audio off the mini-disc into the ibook with out the MOTU 828? In short if it wasn’t working, I don’t. But luckily after a few more boots and a mysterious FireWire cable switcheroo the ibook finally recognized the MOTU 828! I still don’t know exactly what is up. I’m guessing the MOTU 828 had gotten cold in my car and the electronics got all flaky. Maybe this is one reason they have a new “portable” MOTU called The Traveler?

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  1. The next time you seee Marty, please tell him that quoting Bill Gates and attributing “visionary” qualities to him is not cool. As far as tech goes, M$ is a reactionary force that stands for everything that web-democracy is against. All Mr. Gates is interested in is to monopolize some part of the movement, and make money on it, by forcing substandard products down people’s throats.

    Yes, I know I can post over there. But I thought you could describe the situation to him, the faithful Mac owners that you are. Does MK come across as inspiring in person? I found your Dave Winer podcasts very interesting, because of his enthusiasm.

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