Podcasting for Advocacy

How can we use new methods of sharing audio files online to support advocacy for progressive causes? HERE is the Citizen Journalism Tech Kit 001 I wrote in January of this year. It covers a basic and simple method of writing a story, recording it using any telephone, and posting the audio on the Internet. (aka Audio Blogging, Podcasting, etc.) Marty Kearns, Marnie Webb, Andy Carvin, and the folks at campaignaudit.org have been discussing this. Campaignaudit.org has also written a Political Podcaster’s Manual too. Please click on the links on these folks names to read there great ideas for Podcasting & Advocacy.

2 thoughts on “Podcasting for Advocacy”

  1. Nice beginnings to the how-to. I think it could be enhanced by adding specific screen shots and giving people a single option (with additional options available in an appendix or later in the section). I often find, when trying to get folks to adopt something new, that they really want “get this account, use this piece of software.” It also always me to give very specific instructions. Then, once they’ve been doing it for a while, the “here are your options, here’s what’s good and about them” tend to make sense because they have a better idea of what they want out of their efforts. My .02. Good stuff though. I’m glad to get to share it.

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