Podcast by Phone

I just discovered SlapCast linked from Dave Winer’s blog scripting.com. It’s similar to other services that record your phone call and email or send you a URL where you can pick up an audio file. (ex. k7.net, audblog.com) SlapCast goes one further and Podcasts the mp3 you record, OR UPLOAD. Blam! You have a totally mobile podcast. Nice to see services show up that are this innovative and make it crazy simple to share your own audio. This method, or one like it, is the audio grassroots journalism of the people! Now if we can just get a super cheap and or free version for non-profits and other advocacy campaigns. How about a package price for organizations where they can pay for a whole year of unlimited calls? This way anytime a activist has something to say they can just call up the number & give the world a piece of their mind!

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