Interview on the Smudged Ink podcast

This Sunday I did a phone interview with Brendan Watson of We discussed stuff like Grassroots Journalism, the Digital Divide, Audio recording technology, the importance of content and ideas, Podcasting, the future, etc. Here is the MP3 of the Podcast. It sounds great, has fantastic style, and good content. Brendan is a pro!

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  1. Very cool to hear a remote interview on a podcast. Of course, I have a suggestion. If both parties record their own end of the conversation with a good mike, then you can mix the two recordings to eliminate sound of the low-bandwidth analog phone line. I’m sure people talk about this already. And, it’s another step (although a simple one.)

    I enjoy the shows,


  2. Good suggestion Stephen. I’ve heard other podcsaters use the method you describe. It sounds good too. I need to try this myself sometime. Problem is most people I interview aren’t tech savvy enough or don’t have the gear to record their own audio. But everyone can use a phone. Not really the case in the above example… it was just easier to talk on the phone. 😉

    I’m glad your digging the shows! Thank you for commenting.

  3. When Brendan talked about his experiences reporting on the last-minute vote drive, and talking to “African-American” people who “weren’t educated people”, it reminded me of Stevie Wonder’s Big Brother. It’s a wonderful song that exposes the paternalism that people feel on the occasional times when people “care” about them.

    I just wanted to share the song. I’ll take in down in a few days.

    Editor: I removed the URLs to the MP3s that were previously in the above comment. I *love* Stevie Wonder but don’t have permission to share his music on this website.

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