John Stewart lauds blogs

Well if you thought the Crossfire show were John Stewart said, “Stop, stop, stop, stop hurting America.” was popular, wait a few more minutes until the February 16, 2005 Daily Show hits the Internet. Without a doubt one of the funniest episodes I’ve seen in a while. Stewart and Colbert were cracking each other up it was so bizarre! Go google the show and find out for yourself. So now you might be wondering why would I give Comedy Central the blog PR? Welllllll… it’s ’cause they get the blogosphere and deserve our praise. Welcome o’ un-hip big media to THE PARTY! (Just for the record it’s our party and you can’t have it! nah nay nah) 😀

Portable Podcatching on a USB drive

Christopher Carfi over at has written an interesting how-to. Read it here. Take podcatching software and your podcast MP3s with you cheaply! I must clarify something semantic so as not to confuse. Podcasting is the act of making and delivering a Podcast. Podcatching is the method of subscribing and downloading a Podcast.

Blogger harrased on phone after posting a comment

Today Ruby Sinreich was posting on about the continuing scandal at the White House called Gannon Gate. “..about 120 seconds after I left a comment commending John for his research, I got a PHONE CALL from someone falsely claiming to represent John at asking me to please refrain from commenting” WTF! Remember folks, blogs are just layers over our physical lives. Some people are willing to threat and harm you for what you say. Keep saying what you believe but watch out for wackos!

Interview with Dave Winer

Before the podcast last Wednesday of Greensboro bloggers and News & Record Journalist, I interviewed Dave Winer. It’s about 15 minutes long and he mostly asks me questions. 🙂 We talked about North Carolina blogs and politics, audio recording gear, and harmony among political ideologies. Thanks to Dave for being such a sport and for inventing RSS and PODCASTING! We all owe him a lot!
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Thoughts about TriBlogCon2005

This past Saturday, February 12, 2005 was the first ever Triangle Bloggers Conference at UNC in Chapel Hill, NC. Over one hundred bloggers, journalist, lurkers, curious, liberal and conservative got together in one room and talked. Read what other folks who blogged it live thought. Here are some pictures of the event at a Flickr photo pool. Afterwards many of us went out for lunch to talk more. I lead ten or so people to Pepper’s Pizza on Franklin Street to talk about Podcasting. Read on to get some of my thoughts about TriBlogCon. Hopefully a podcast about it after I digest it all. Thanks again to Anton Zuker and Paul Jones.
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Dean the new DNC chair?

Main Stream Media is saying Howard Dean has the DNC chairmanship locked up. I’m not a big democratic party fan, but I did want Dean to be the Dem party candidate for president in 2004. Now that he has the ability to CHANGE the bad parts of the dems from the inside what will he do? This could be BIG deal for media activists…heck all grassroots activists! Now that we have a creative person willing to embrace decentralized power structures running the Dems our social network strategies could become mainstream powerful! A double edged sword for sure!