Dave Winer comming to NC

Ed Cone, Anton Zuiker, and Lex Alexander all inform us that Dave Winer, the pioneer of Blogs, RSS & Podcasting, will be visiting Greensboro, NC to talk with the News & Record folks, bloggers, & journalists about what’s up in G’boro. [A public meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 9, at 7 p.m. in the auditorium at the News & Record, 200 East Market Street, Greensboro] He’s also now linked on the Triangle Bloggers Conference wiki as a participant! Wow, Dan Gilmore and Dave Winer… some serious heavy hitters of the blog world are coming!

Literacy in the 21st Century

After seeing the flash movie called EPIC , David Warlick says,
“In order to imprint the point that literacy, in the 21st century, is far richer than merely being able to decode the text in front of you. It means being able to:
* located appropriate information,
* extract meaning,
* critically evaluate the information in terms of your goals and environment, and
* being able to logically organize the information into valuable personal digital libraries. ”
Those four points are my new mantra. See this post for more info about EPIC.

Tell the US Copyright office to free “Orphan Works”

The United States Copyright office is seeking public comment on ““orphan works,” i.e., copyrighted works whose owners are difficult or even impossible to locate.” This is an excellent opportunity to make your voice heard and bring about positive change. Need convincing? Go here to Lawrence Lessig’s blog post. Please read this US Copyright web page carefully on how to contact them. You can also goto eldred.cc and learn more about this issue and how to comment.
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