Make your own PodcasterCon

I’ve launched a wiki and a blog to construct a users conference about Podcasting. Check ’em out over at I really want this to be a group created event that will be non-commercial. Here is the statement of purpose thus far: PodcasterCon is a free users conference about podcasting. The focus will be on learning. In effect it is an anti-expo without swag, without product promotion, and a way to keep podcasting fun! We’re going to make our own Podcaster Conference happen, together.

PLEASE come on over to the wiki, register, login, and start editing. We have much to do. For example: What do ya’ll want to learn? I envision this event having lots of small sessions were we can talk to each other about making better podcasts. What specific areas need discussing?

It’s all free so let’s build us some fun!

Fix it Apple. Make the iPod Green.

Like a lot of electronics the Apple iPod has a rechargeable battery. But with the iPod you can’t remove the battery making replacement complicated and expensive. The big problem isn’t the inconvenience but the environmentally irresponsibility of such a manufacturing decision. The folks over at The Green Guide are asking you to tell Apple to fix the iPod and make it GREEN.
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Beware those who claim to be for the Poor

David Rothman over at has an interesting post elaborating on his comment on the John Edwards post. David sees some hypocrisy going on with Prof. Edwards stance on Poverty. Surprised? But isn’t that the very nature of compromise and politicians? By compromising for one issue your not supporting another.

While I’ve been sick I’ve been reading a lot. The flu has stopped me from podcasting for a bit but not from typing 🙂 One book I love reading often is The People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn. In Chapter 13: The Socialist Challenge there is discussion of how ‘Progressives’ like President Roosevelt (they were called Progressive in comparison to the Corporate Barons who sought NO compromise with anyone) brought about regulation of corporations to calm down the violent revolt and strikes made inevitable by dangerous and inhuman working conditions of early 20th century corporations. This moderate approach is a type of compromise that’s real goal, as stated by Zinn, was to head off the growth of American Socialism. A group who’s real interest was in the people and ending their poverty. All of this lip service being paid to the important issues of poverty are useless when it’s purpose is to build up the consumer middle class so big corporations can stay happy and fat. This issue is at the very CORE of the “American Dream”. Yeah we all want to live the good life, but at what cost? There is a finite amount of money in the world. Whether or not it’s based on a gold standard or not. For there to be a big middle class we have to have fewer super rich or more poor. The middle class was created to “Consume products and shit money”[paraphrase]. Read THE PEOPLES HISTORY OF THE US. Very important counter weight, hell total revision, of everything you think you know about political history in the US.

Podcasting article in the News and Observer

The News and Observer, a daily newspaper in Raleigh, NC, has a article out today called Podcasting Takes Off. I spoke with it’s author G.D. Gearino about the subject last week. He kindly mentions me and AudioActivism in this article. Specifically he touches on my interests and trepidation, of commercial broadcast quality polish. First person casual *is* more important! I’m really looking forward to meeting all of these folks in my area who podcast. BTW… Hey folks who run the N&O website, THANKS FOR THE LINK to this site. Hey N&O owners, ya’lls website is pretty savvy. You have RSS feeds. Nice!
Update: As Mur noticed on her blog Geek Fu Action Grip the N&O article is available intermittently. I could read the entire article once. Second time I was asked to register. Registration has legetiment purposes if your asking for folks to participate. If your just data mining and only want us to consume passively…. that sucks. Hey N&O owners, this is very UNSAVVY part of your website.

Questions for the N&O: How long will this article be available online? Does your text “content” get hidden by a pay per view wall after a certain date? How can you be a paper of record if the record of your article isn’t public available without a fee? Atleast we can still go to the library and find the paper version or the microfiche. Can’t we?

BlogHERcon is a great idea!

I am all for a blogger event for women. I would love to go but wouldn’t get mad if men aren’t allowed. Just like the March for Women’s Lives! in DC last April, I would consider it an honor to attend. I believe it’s so important that women meet to discuss their unique voices on blogs. The best blogger I know is a woman. Both of her blogs Lotusmedia and OrangePolitics are AMAZING!

“Chill Folks”…Thanks Doc

Doc Searls says,
“Chill, folks. Markets are public places where makers and vendors offer users and customers lots of choice. Not coliseums where gladiators kick and stab each other to death while the rest of us cheer over bruises and blood.”

No he isn’t talking about the future of the WTO if Paul Wolfowitz becomes it’s head. He’s talking about the banter and competition between three new podcasting ventures and the blogers that love them and hate them. BlogerMatrix, Odeo, and Adam Curry’s Podshow.

Edward R. Murrow on Celebrity

“Just remeber that even though you have a loud voice, even though your voice may reach 16 million people every time you speak, that doesn’t make you any smarter than you were when your voice only reached the end of this bar.” – Edward Murrow

I found this quote from the Charles Kuralt book ‘A life on the Road’. I’m reading it now and it’s amazing and quite funny. This bit of advice from Mr. Murrow seems very important for podcasters. (Like myself. I’m taking it to heart.) Kuralt in the same paragraph as he quoted Murrow said, “Overweening pride is a occupational hazzard.”

Podcasters are in the same “occupation” as early TV. Let’s learn from our media forefathers. Not all of them were government propaganda business dupes.

Quotes from ‘A Life on the Road‘, Chapter 14 – Celebrity, p.150, by Charles Kuralt.
The book ‘A life on the Road’ is Copyright © 1990 by Charles Kuralt.

Finding a Voice

In college while I was painting away on giant canvases I jumped from style to style trying out different techniques. As a serious student of the American abstract expressionists like Mark Rothko I was more interested in what the painting process said to me than precisely what my work said to people who saw it. I swear at one time I felt as if I was on auto pilot painting and scraping a canvas in a direction the painting felt I should go.

Ever since then I have looked for that sweet spot in my creative life again. A few times, when I hid from the world in the mountains of south west Virginia, I discovered glimpses of that joy. The fact is that joy was only a by product of another event. The first words of my own unique aesthetic voice.
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