Interview with Lou Plummer

This podcast is a fantastic interview with Lou Plummer from Fayetteville, NC. He’s a former North Carolina National Guardsman and ex-state prison guard. He’s working hard with Military Families Speak Out and Bring Them Home Now to end the war in Iraq and get our soldiers home. We discussed a lot of stuff but our focus was the March 19, 2005 rally and march in Fayetteville, NC. We also touched on the effect of the war in Iraq on the people of North Carolina, the difficulty for members of the US Military and their families to oppose the war in Iraq, and how the main stream media covers events like these. Lou has a great message for those who agree and disagree with the cause to end the war. I would like to personally encourage everyone to attend this event wether or not you live in North Carolina. This movement and event is truly one of the most peaceful and positive methods of ending needless death and suffering all over the world! I was touched and inspired by our talk. I hope you are too.

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Here are some of the groups who initiated and support March 19:
Fayetteville United for Peace and Justice
Quaker House
Iraq Veterans Against the War
Veterans for Peace
NC Peace and Justice Coalition
North Carolina Council of Churches

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