Podcast Public Service Announcements

Today I podcast the first PSA (Public Service Announcement) here at AudioActivism.org. I hope to continue to provide this FREE service to great causes everywhere. If you have a PSA contact me.

Is this cool? Do you mind having a PSA in your podcast? I think AudioActivism.org and PSAs go together like peanut butter and chocolate! I’m not making any money by this and I’ll really need to believe in these causes to podcast them. Do you think PSAs for non-profits and other great causes fit in? PLEASE COMMENT ABOUT THIS. Ya or Nay?

2 thoughts on “Podcast Public Service Announcements”

  1. Yes! I think Podcasts are an ideal place for public service announcements (although to get the greatest listenership they should probably be incorporated into the regular programming).

  2. I think this is a terrific idea and enjoyed hearing the PSA. Combined with the $20 podcatching device (I believe you linked to it earlier) this could be a nice way for folks to distribute a PSA at events. If they pre-configure the feed, there’s some chance it would remain an open channel.

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