PSA – Partners for Open Space

Here is a Podcast PSA (Public Service Announcement) from Partners for Open Space in Maryland U.S.A. about the importance of saving our natural resources. Find out more by going to Here is a pdf about the statewide campaign to halt the diversion of land conservation funds from the Maryland state budget. Click more to read a transcript of the audio.

MP3 1m 2.3MB 320kbps

ANNOUNCER : I’m standing in one of Maryland’s most beautiful parks, a great place for us to play, swim, camp and fish.

*Sound Effects*: Kids laughing and playing, birds tweeting.

KID: Okay, first base is the tree, second base is the rock, third base is the log.

ANNOUNCER: But it may not be this way long. The governor has tried to sell public land to developers behind your back.

*Sound Effects*: Jackhammers, tools

KID: Okay, first base is the shovel, second base is the truck, third base is the hard hat.

ANNOUNCER: And this year politicians are diverting 75% of dedicated land conservation funds to unrelated programs.

*Sound Effects*: More building sounds

KID: Okay, first base is the bulldozer, second base is the pipe, third base is the stop sign.

ANNOUNCER: Don’t let the politicians sell out Maryland’s parks and natural spaces. Go to, that’s

KID: First base is the gas station, second base is the convenience store, third base is the bank. Uh, forget it. Let?s just go play video games.

ANNOUNCER: This message was brought to you by Partners for Open Space.