VOA features AudioActivism and Podcasting

A few weeks ago I did an interivew with Marty Kearns the Executive Director of Green Media Toolshed in Washington, DC. While I was interviewing him I was interviewed about Podcasting by Voice of America TV. Fortunatly VOA put the video of the story online because they don’t broadcast in US. This is part of the law preventing a US government media source, VOA, from serving “official” propaganda to US citizens. BIG thanks to Chris Macdonald of indiefeed.com, who told me about the story and gave me a place to stay when I was in DC, Marty Kearns for being interviewed, and Brian Purchia of VOA who produced the story. You can can find the story here and a copy of the video here. (Real Player 9.5MB)

2 Responses to “VOA features AudioActivism and Podcasting”

  1. Paul Jones says:

    w00t! Great story and great picture! Congratulations!
    (let’s see if trackback from my blog post works now).

  2. Brian,

    Congrats on the article, and stop by the Lab sometime.

    Keep it UP!