Finding a Voice

In college while I was painting away on giant canvases I jumped from style to style trying out different techniques. As a serious student of the American abstract expressionists like Mark Rothko I was more interested in what the painting process said to me than precisely what my work said to people who saw it. I swear at one time I felt as if I was on auto pilot painting and scraping a canvas in a direction the painting felt I should go.

Ever since then I have looked for that sweet spot in my creative life again. A few times, when I hid from the world in the mountains of south west Virginia, I discovered glimpses of that joy. The fact is that joy was only a by product of another event. The first words of my own unique aesthetic voice.

Fast forward about ten years and a lot has happened. I’ve been put through the wringer of life and moved around like a nomad from one US coast to another. Now that I am finally in a community that I feel I belong and with a partner that I love my brain is once again searching for a voice.

Podcast came along and captured my imagination very suddenly. It’s appearance in my life is a fantastic occurrence. It allows me to utilize a broad array of skills and creativity that I’ve collected. Computer audio editing, sound reinforcement, web development, story telling, working with people, etc. All of this just came about so fast.

Internet time is much quicker than standard time. They both seems to occupy the same virtual space but at different tempos. So when Podcasting became known to the world in August 2004, now the accepted birth month, it launched forward at a very fast clip. Now eight months later thousands of people are making and sharing their own Podcasts, main stream media is witting stories about Podcasting like crazy, and people are launching companies. All signs of an advanced Internet movement. (Bubble some would call it.) Will it crash and burn? I don’t know. But I do know it’s quick tempo has allowed me to develop an advanced method of creation and a way to share those creations quickly.

Having worked out much of the technical stuff I can now move on to finding my own voice. I feel I’m at a creative turning point in my life. In college it seemed like this point would never arrive. I could not have guessed where I’d be, physically, emotionally, or creatively. I mean who knew I’d being doing radio like stuff like Podcasting? Certainly not me.

So this brings me to the heart of what I want to tell ya’ll. I think my Voice, or style if you want to call it that, is a improvisational one, much like Jazz and the paintings I heard in college. (I saw them too but you know what I mean.) When you listen to my Podcasts they are not as abstract as my painting. There is a complete thread through out each show. Some times I get caught going down a fork in the road of ideas, but usually I get back on course and actually make a point. When I’m doing my 3URLs Podcasts I usually have a rough outline of what I want to discuss and some URLs to share, but that’s it. The rest is just from the top of my head. Just like my work with a canvas.

The question for me now is, how can I evolve my Podcasts with a bit more conscious direction? I could just keep making stuff and let the Podcasts evolve themselves. But I feel a connection to something and I want to experiment.

Those stylistic connections are Jazz, Joe Frank, and Woody Durham. This post has been long enough. In one of the next ones I’ll explain these connections to me and Podcasting.

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