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  1. Now that Prof. Edwards has set up shop at UNC to fight poverty, it would be helpful if he actually took a stand against the DMCA, the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act and other Hollywood-bought legislation. Over the years, these laws will siphon billions from lower- and middle-income Americans to the copyright elite. Why has Prof. Edwards been so silent? Early in the campaign, a Hollywood producer gave Prof. Edwards’ PAC $900K+ and refused to explain why. While it’s great to see Prof. Edwards’ people keeping up with podcast technology, I’d like his political stands to reflect an appreciation of the copyright issues. Prof. Edwards is a UNC Law grad, after all, who served on the copyright-related Judiciary Committee. In his mind Prof. Edwards surely understands the issues. Can he do so in his heart? Remember, Jack Valenti and others want copyright terms to last forever short of a day. A few freedom of speech issues emerge here, not just economic issues. Maybe UNC folks can remind Prof. Edwards of the damage that Hollywood-bought laws will do to education, especially literature (no free Great Gatsby on the Net today–thanks to the Sonny Bono Act). I wish Carolina activists luck at this. If you want to understand why copyright laws are so corrupt, see a textbook example. Please note that I am a lifelong liberal Democrat and voted for Prof. Edwards last November. I’d just like to see him live up to his much-ballyhooed “populism.”

  2. Excellent point David! One I agree wholeheartedly with. Please send these questions to the Prof. Maybe he’ll answer them. I’m anxious, but not holding my breath, that podcasting could really facilitate populism. But of course we need to get more people listening to Podcasts, too. I love teleread.org!

  3. I appreciated Brian’s pointer to my comments. That’s in character for my favorite podcaster of the moment. I hope Brian vanquishes his flu quickly so we can enjoy his spoken work again without too much more of a delay.

    As for John Edwards’ podcast, I loved the Professor’s comments on the FEC-related threat to blogs. I noticed that a Jack Parrilli, who gave a oneamericacommittee.com domain, had talked up the podcast. So, Jack, in case you’re still tuned in, just when will Professor Edwards also care about copyright matters associated with economic equality and free speech? The idea isn’t to get rid of copyright laws but to strive for more balance. How can the Professor be pro-education and pro-library without speaking out on Sonny Bono Copyright-Term Extension Act and the DMCA? Perhaps you can elicit written answers, to my questions, from the Professor himself. Jut what will the Professor do to work toward repeal or modification of such Net-hostile laws? Exactly what would he change? What about Stanford Law Professsor Larry Lessig’s proposed Bono compromise? In vain I tried to get Professor Edwards’ responses during the ’04 campaign. Copyright, remember, was within his jurisdiction on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    Meanwhile it would be helpful if other bloggers joined Brian and me in calling attention to the copyright issues and urging the Professor Edwards to end his curious silence on Bono and the DMCA. No right-wing conspiracies here, no socialism at my end (though I respect Brian’s right to believe what he wants!). I’m a lifelong liberal Democrat who voted for John Edwards last November.

    David Rothman | dr@teleread.org

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