Edward R. Murrow on Celebrity

“Just remeber that even though you have a loud voice, even though your voice may reach 16 million people every time you speak, that doesn’t make you any smarter than you were when your voice only reached the end of this bar.” – Edward Murrow

I found this quote from the Charles Kuralt book ‘A life on the Road’. I’m reading it now and it’s amazing and quite funny. This bit of advice from Mr. Murrow seems very important for podcasters. (Like myself. I’m taking it to heart.) Kuralt in the same paragraph as he quoted Murrow said, “Overweening pride is a occupational hazzard.”

Podcasters are in the same “occupation” as early TV. Let’s learn from our media forefathers. Not all of them were government propaganda business dupes.

Quotes from ‘A Life on the Road‘, Chapter 14 – Celebrity, p.150, by Charles Kuralt.
The book ‘A life on the Road’ is Copyright © 1990 by Charles Kuralt.