Podcasting article in the News and Observer

The News and Observer, a daily newspaper in Raleigh, NC, has a article out today called Podcasting Takes Off. I spoke with it’s author G.D. Gearino about the subject last week. He kindly mentions me and AudioActivism in this article. Specifically he touches on my interests and trepidation, of commercial broadcast quality polish. First person casual *is* more important! I’m really looking forward to meeting all of these folks in my area who podcast. BTW… Hey folks who run the N&O website, THANKS FOR THE LINK to this site. Hey N&O owners, ya’lls website is pretty savvy. You have RSS feeds. Nice!
Update: As Mur noticed on her blog Geek Fu Action Grip the N&O article is available intermittently. I could read the entire article once. Second time I was asked to register. Registration has legetiment purposes if your asking for folks to participate. If your just data mining and only want us to consume passively…. that sucks. Hey N&O owners, this is very UNSAVVY part of your website.

Questions for the N&O: How long will this article be available online? Does your text “content” get hidden by a pay per view wall after a certain date? How can you be a paper of record if the record of your article isn’t public available without a fee? Atleast we can still go to the library and find the paper version or the microfiche. Can’t we?