Fix it Apple. Make the iPod Green.

Like a lot of electronics the Apple iPod has a rechargeable battery. But with the iPod you can’t remove the battery making replacement complicated and expensive. The big problem isn’t the inconvenience but the environmentally irresponsibility of such a manufacturing decision. The folks over at The Green Guide are asking you to tell Apple to fix the iPod and make it GREEN.

The suggestions to apple:

  • Produce toxin-free iPods
  • Design iPods so batteries can be easily and affordable replaced
  • Provide take back and recycling options for iPods and other electronics

Goto the Fix it Apple website to send a email to Steve Jobs or you can also call and leave a message about how you feel. This phone number is similar to the free voice mail I use to collect audio comments for my show. This innovative use demonstrates a potentially powerful tool for grassroots organizers. Just listen to some of the messages they’ve collected in a Flash movie on this site. (it looks like an iPod) Kind of what I was suggesting in my post here. But instead of sending audio to Politicians their directing it towards CEOs. Even better!

Shoot…I’m mac addict #1 but… first Apple sues fan sites to get there sources, now this… Ouch! Who better to tell Apple their messing up than the ones who love to buy their stuff?

One thought on “Fix it Apple. Make the iPod Green.”

  1. As much as I love technology, there are huge problems with the toxic waste produced by tons of electronics products every year. Maybe Apple will get on the forefront of changing that, but Geeks don’t often seem to care so much about the high cost of our environment for all the cool toys they get every year. Don’t get me wrong, I love gadgets, too. I just keep hoping for a larger movement. Maybe this will be a start…

    I’m tired of eating fish full of mercury so that people can have new cell phones, computers, and other stuff every year! As much as activism is driven by technology these days, I wonder where the personal responsibility lies for us as consumers.

    Just my 2 bits.

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