Messages for Soldiers in Iraq

This is a podcast with messages of love. On March 19 in Fayetteville, NC I asked people if they could speak with a US Soldier in Iraq what would they say? Here are their responses.

MP3 9m 5s 4.2MB 64kbps

Drums and Chants by the Marching crowd. Other in-between sounds by Matmos from the song Action At A Distance. Part of the WIRED Creative Commons CD.

5 thoughts on “Messages for Soldiers in Iraq”

  1. Wow, Brian. I just listened to this. It’s quite powerful. This piece spans a really wide range of voices: young and old, veterans and hippies, men and women, different races and classes. Also, I think this is a realization of what you were trying to do with the prochoice project last year.

    Great job! More like this! Hurrah!

    (Disclaimer: Mine is one of the voices in this podcast.)

  2. Thanks Ruby! Yeah… it’s a style of audio documentary I would love to do more. Bit more time consuming but worth it! I think the length of the peice is good too.

    The diversity of voices is do to the *real* diversity of the March 19 event. I consciously searched out different people, but it wasn’t hard. Lots of great people at this event. Lots of love and concern filled the air.

  3. Great piece, Brian. Enjoyed it and hope it gets out there.

    I was ambivalent about the rally though I’m against the war and want a peaceful solution. I couldn’t come to see for myself how the event went so it’s great to hear some perspectives from the rally. Coming from a military family, I know the hard position that soldiers and their families are in. My empathy is for all workers in the world who have a bad boss and a job that they don’t feel that they can leave.

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