Make your own PodcasterCon

I’ve launched a wiki and a blog to construct a users conference about Podcasting. Check ’em out over at I really want this to be a group created event that will be non-commercial. Here is the statement of purpose thus far: PodcasterCon is a free users conference about podcasting. The focus will be on learning. In effect it is an anti-expo without swag, without product promotion, and a way to keep podcasting fun! We’re going to make our own Podcaster Conference happen, together.

PLEASE come on over to the wiki, register, login, and start editing. We have much to do. For example: What do ya’ll want to learn? I envision this event having lots of small sessions were we can talk to each other about making better podcasts. What specific areas need discussing?

It’s all free so let’s build us some fun!