John Edwards is launching a Podcast

The website announces that ex-vice presidential candidate John Edwards will soon have a Podcast. [No Podcast RSS feed just yet] This is interesting to me not only because it’s a politician who is clearly listening to his techie staffers [ 😀 ] but because he’s a resident of the same county and state I am. (Orange County, North Carolina) So in a whole hearted sincere way I say, “WELCOME to Podcasting Mr. Edwards!“. I’ll be listening. If you or your staff have questions please ask me. Thanks to for pointing this out.

1URL and an Update Podcast

Tonights podcast is one big update really. I’ve been doing lots of writing on the blog so I wanted to tell you folks listening just to the Podcast what’s up. I played the cool PSA from Partners for Open Space in Maryland, USA, mentioned the last few blog entries, talked about the Linux streaming server I’m setting up at a local radio station, and shared one url. So…Check out the cool videos at All in all I’m trying to keep this show first person. So just imagine you saw me at a coffee shop and I talked yer ear off.

MP3 23m 13s 10.6MB 64kbps

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Lou Plummer interview on Unwelcome Guests show

Lyn of the Unwelcome Guests radio show just emailed me to say she aired my interview with Lou Plummer on her show! This is so cool! The show is “A program about wealth, power, and peoples’ resistance to the New World Order”. This show airs on radio stations like Free Radio Asheville in Asheville, NC, WEOS-FM in Geneva, NY, Ithaca Community Radio in Ithaca, NY and many others. Lyn reminded me of the the very cool A-Infos Radio Project at Lots of cool audio there. If you’d like to hear the Unwelcome Guests show that featured my interview you can find the download link on this page.

PSA Podcast Feed

At the top of the page I have a few tabs with links to the main index page, ‘Home’, my main Podcast feed ‘mp3 podcast rss’, and now a Podcast feed with just PSAs. (PSA: Public Service Announcement) So if you feel like listening to PSAs by themselves have at it. Also if you’re a Podcaster download the PSAs and use them in your own shows! Ain’t distributed sharing for good causes fun! 🙂 Here’s the link.

VOA features AudioActivism and Podcasting

A few weeks ago I did an interivew with Marty Kearns the Executive Director of Green Media Toolshed in Washington, DC. While I was interviewing him I was interviewed about Podcasting by Voice of America TV. Fortunatly VOA put the video of the story online because they don’t broadcast in US. This is part of the law preventing a US government media source, VOA, from serving “official” propaganda to US citizens. BIG thanks to Chris Macdonald of, who told me about the story and gave me a place to stay when I was in DC, Marty Kearns for being interviewed, and Brian Purchia of VOA who produced the story. You can can find the story here and a copy of the video here. (Real Player 9.5MB)

Tutorials on Journlism from Online Journalism Review

The Online Journalism Review has three wiki based tutorials on Ethics, Reporting, and Writing for Grassroots Journalists. It’s wonderful to see pro journalists reach out in the form of education. These tutorials are even under a Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Creative Commons License! Very Cool! Thanks to Lex Alexander over at the News & Observer in Greensboro, NC for sharing this link on his blog.

Podcast Public Service Announcements

Today I podcast the first PSA (Public Service Announcement) here at I hope to continue to provide this FREE service to great causes everywhere. If you have a PSA contact me.

Is this cool? Do you mind having a PSA in your podcast? I think and PSAs go together like peanut butter and chocolate! I’m not making any money by this and I’ll really need to believe in these causes to podcast them. Do you think PSAs for non-profits and other great causes fit in? PLEASE COMMENT ABOUT THIS. Ya or Nay?

PSA – Partners for Open Space

Here is a Podcast PSA (Public Service Announcement) from Partners for Open Space in Maryland U.S.A. about the importance of saving our natural resources. Find out more by going to Here is a pdf about the statewide campaign to halt the diversion of land conservation funds from the Maryland state budget. Click more to read a transcript of the audio.

MP3 1m 2.3MB 320kbps
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Carolina beats Duke street party audio

While this bit of audio, recorded with my phone and, is not related to activism it does describe the excitement at a post game street party. This impromptu riot like event had more than two bonfires in the middle of the street and hundreds of people stopping all traffic to occupy downtown Chapel Hill, NC. It was funny to me how similar this event, in some ways, was to a protest, my friends yearly land party, and Burning Man. I wondered outloud, “What would it take to get these students THIS exited about changing the country via revolution?” Coach Williams declaring war on poverty? The men’s basketball team demanding a black president of the United States of America? Nope… instead all we have here is March Madness setting in, the start of the ACC tournament for 2005, and the beginning of battle in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

WAV 26s 155KB 48kbps

Interview with Lou Plummer

This podcast is a fantastic interview with Lou Plummer from Fayetteville, NC. He’s a former North Carolina National Guardsman and ex-state prison guard. He’s working hard with Military Families Speak Out and Bring Them Home Now to end the war in Iraq and get our soldiers home. We discussed a lot of stuff but our focus was the March 19, 2005 rally and march in Fayetteville, NC. We also touched on the effect of the war in Iraq on the people of North Carolina, the difficulty for members of the US Military and their families to oppose the war in Iraq, and how the main stream media covers events like these. Lou has a great message for those who agree and disagree with the cause to end the war. I would like to personally encourage everyone to attend this event wether or not you live in North Carolina. This movement and event is truly one of the most peaceful and positive methods of ending needless death and suffering all over the world! I was touched and inspired by our talk. I hope you are too.
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