HowTo podcast with WordPress 1.5

UPDATE 2 July 14, 2005: As it turns out most WordPress 1.5 installs will podcast automatically, without doing all this stuff bellow. It appears that my web host is set up in such as way to make it hard. This how-to is my work around. Use it if it is helpful. Otherwise bask in the automatic podcasting glory of Word Press! 😀

As of this minute I only have one way to create my Podcast RSS 2.0 feed with Word Press 1.5. My old install of Movable Type had a plug-in that added the mp3 link and all info into my RSS 2.0 feed automatically. So far I haven’t found a method as easy in Word Press. But here is a HowTo to make it work in Word Press 1.5 anyway. This is what I did to get my enclosure tags for RSS 2.0 working and part of what I do each and every time I release a Podcast. IF ANY ONE KNOWS OF A PLUG-IN OR EASY HACK FOR WORD PRESS 1.5 THAT MAKES PODCASTING SIMPLER PLEASE PLEASE LET ME KNOW. 😀

Update: Supposedly WP 1.5 should add links to MP3s in the post to your RSS feed automatically. Here is the Word Press Codex page that describes this. I’m not getting this functionality. Hmmmm.

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