End of Second Day at Mobile Media

What a wonderful day at the University of Southern California. Specifically the Immersive Media Lab and their cool tech. Ex. Immersive 10.1 sound systems (that’s 5.1 times two), P2P streaming video, Haptics, and Serious Games for Education. Plus much much more. I’m going to have lots to write later after it all sinks in. Cheers Ya’ll!

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End of First Day Roundup at Mobile Media

Here are all my notes from the first day of Mobile Media in LA sponsored by the Media Center. I try to attribute quotes and comments to all the correct people. The letters MI stand for ‘My Impressions”. I’m sure there will be some formatting of the text in the future and some grammar/editing. Look for more concise reports over at the Morph blog, the Media Center blog soon. Wow what a TON of interesting info! Great Conference so far!

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Arrived @ Mobile Media in LA

Just got finished with the meet and greet intro session launching the Mobile Media Conference here in LA. (GREAT Chinese food! hmmm That really hit the spot.) Lots of interesting people with a very diverse set of backgrounds. Internet folks, newspaper people, big media, new media. There are people representing the Associated Press, NBC, Qualcom, the Red Cross, NPR, the Venture County Star, independent blogs, etc., etc. It’s a nice small group so I expect to have some fantastic conversations. I hope to put some interesting questions to some interesting people. The podcasts might take a few days to get up because I’m paying for wired internet access in the hotel room. 🙁 The upside is I can wait to edit and upload the audio interviews later. I can make them sound better in my home studio. Tomorrow I’ll be event blogging. Lots of note taking and listening. 🙂

Invasion of the Podcasters, AA in the news

Brian Buckman has written an interesting article called Invasion of the Podcasters that appears as the cover story of the April 14 Chicago weekly NewCity. Buckman interviewed me via email and included some of my words in the article. His editng of my words positions me to act as a counter-point in the story to the commercialization efforts centering around Podcasting. Let me say here for the record, I AM NOT AGAINST MAKING MONEY. I am all for earning money doing something you love that is creative. Podcasting is a with-all-your-heart creative endeavor. To me making money Podcasting is fine as long as it stays fun, doesn’t hurt people, etc. It is possible to be a ethical and socially responsible business person. Just tricky. I really enjoyed this article. It’s casual use of real human language and facts makes for fun and informative reading.

BlueLatinos.org PSA asks Dobbs to stop paranoid rhetoric

Here is a wonderful PSA [Public Service Announcement] mp3 from BlueLatinos.org. It’s a message to Lou Dobbs, host of CNN’s show “Lou Dobbs Tonight”, asking him to cease his “anti-immigrant reporting and race baiting commentary”. If you’d like to do something about this goto BlueLatinos.org and sign the petition to tell Dobb’s “Your Fired!”. If the situation wasn’t bad enough already California Governor Arnold supposedly said by accident recently, “Close the borders in California and all across Mexico and in the United States…” To learn more I highly recomend you see the film Wetback: The Undocumented Documentary from Director Arturo Perez Torres. I saw it recently at the Full Frame Documentary Festival here in Durham, NC and it was very moving.

MP3 1m 22s 1.3MB 128kbps

What are YOUR Questions about Mobile Media

As I mentioned last week I’m going to the Mobile Media Conference in LA sponsored by The Media Center. While I’m there I plan on live blogging and interviewing the attendees. What questions would you ask? What concerns would you raise? Here are some of the things we’ll be looking at. Let’s extend the participation of this event virutaly.

o Untethered lives: Mobile users in Japan
o Mobile and radio: How the next generation is evolving
o Mobile media: What’s new and next?
o Convergence of peer-to-peer services and free broadband environments (Skype, free WiFi, etc.)

o How will content and business models evolve for the mobile market?
o Wireless content: Companies and deals to watch
o Mobile and traditional newspapers
o The future of micro content and mobile devices: Applications and meaning for media
o Beyond carriers: Alternative pathways to Anywhere Media

o FCC and Free Spectrum
o Community wireless: What it is, why it matters, the story in Boston
o Media, wireless and the greater good: Social capital and media

The A-Infos Radio Project is Podcasting

The A-Infos Radio Project is a online repository of a ton of great audio. Today A-Infos announced that they have a podcast feed for all new content and feeds for individual series. (A series is usually a group of audio files produced by the same person or group.) Like this one from WBAI Sunday News.

From the A-Infos about page: “…formed in 1996 by grassroots broadcasters, free radio journalists and cyber-activists to provide ourselves with the means to share our radio programs via the Internet. To our knowledge, the A-Infos Radio Project was the first grassroots media project of it’s kind on the internet.” Lots of Indymedia Radio audio and other lefty style content.

If this wasn’t exciting enough, they’re releasing the source code that makes this wonderful audio website work!

Podcasting Slide Presentation Online

Last Thursday April 15 I spoke at a local 501Tech club meeting about Podcasting. Here are the Podcasting Presentation Slides in the form of a pdf. This document is 13MB in size. Thanks to Damita Chambers, the Triangle 501Tech club, RTPnet, and the Triangle United Way for hosting the get together. I’m giving a more complete presentation about Podcasting at the 6th Annual RTPnet Conference Friday May 20, 2005 at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill, NC.