Voice Recorder study by Geekcorps Mali

GeekCorps Mali volunteer Josh Borts wrote this pdf about using a USB enabled flash devices with a mic-in to record audio in the field. He also recommends using Mandrake Linux (user friendly Linux distro) and Audacity (great free audio editing software) to edit and prepare the audio for local radio stations. Cool idea! I’ve been having a hard time finding one of these USB flash audio recorders with a mic-in. Most of them have line-in only.

2 thoughts on “Voice Recorder study by Geekcorps Mali”

  1. Well. The actual MP3 players we received didn’t have the mic in. My model (MSI 250-something) has one, but for the 520 MSI replaced the mic in with a LED light. 🙁

  2. That’s too bad. I’ve read the tech specs for a ton of devices similar to the one you mentioned. All of them have line-ins. Is there a technical problem with small amplifiers for a mic-in? Or is this a business issue? I’m amazed that they have line-ins. The amount of audio you could rip straight to MP3 without a computer is huge. I’ve notice that these devices are having a hard time being sold in any great amount in America. Import restrictions? Copyright violation concerns?

    We need a bunch of electronic geeks to design and build a home brew digital audio recorder with a mic-in. I wish I could solder and design circuits to do such a project….

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