Understanding poverty in North Carolina

WUNC, our state Public Radio station, is running a two week series about poverty in North Carolina called – surprise – North Carolina Voices : Understanding Poverty.

A lot of it focuses on the North Carolina Fund. From the WUNC website: “The North Carolina Fund was an effort to fight poverty across the state. Governor Terry Sanford established the Fund in 1963 with $9.5 million in grants…”

The classic style of this radio documentary was fantastic! I was very impressed by it and learned a bunch about the history of North Carolina. It was also very telling about relationships between races and classes in North Carolina.

My only real concern was how similar the topic is to John Edwards recently becoming director of the Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity at the University of North Carolina. Is the Center a rebirth of the North Carolina Fund in the ’60s? Happy coincidence or blatant promotion? Either way having more awareness about history and poverty that still exists in NC is a good thing. Especially letting people know the VITAL importance of programs that help folks around the state. The key to me is how this is conducted. How can we let folks know that being an activist is not a bad thing? That encouraging poorer citizens of NC to be poltically active is not a bad thing. I mention this because of the part of the WUNC documentary that mentions the heat that the NC Fund received for the poltical activism that people associated with it were invovled in.

This year much of my enjoyment of our state public radio programing, and NPR in general, was destroyed by WUNC reckless attitude towards a woman’s right to choose. (See the OrangePolitics.org thread Censorship at WUNC for more info.) This one documenatary piece has restored my respect for our statewide Public Radio station. If your reading my blog WUNC… what you’re doing is working! You’re making positive change!

Something seems to have changed over at WUNC besides their logo. Isn’t the name North Carolina Public Radio new? Or are they just using it more often?

As long as WUNC keeps producing and broadcasting documentaries with this HIGH QUALITY content and educational value I will continue to listen.

3 thoughts on “Understanding poverty in North Carolina”

  1. Brian,

    I spoke with one of the WUNC producers in early December, and they’d already been working on the poverty series for a few weeks, so I suspect the John Edwards poverty position is a coincidence.

  2. Thanks for the info Anton. I have a hard time believing in coincidence. Stranger things have happened tho’. 🙂

    Did you notice that the Indy Weekly did a cover story on Poverty last week? Another coincidence?

    Yeah…sheeesh…wow…the new WUNC logo is awfull. I’ve seen this happen over and over in my career as graphic designer. I’m willing to bet that someone who doesn’t understand design and the web choose it.

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