Invasion of the Podcasters, AA in the news

Brian Buckman has written an interesting article called Invasion of the Podcasters that appears as the cover story of the April 14 Chicago weekly NewCity. Buckman interviewed me via email and included some of my words in the article. His editng of my words positions me to act as a counter-point in the story to the commercialization efforts centering around Podcasting. Let me say here for the record, I AM NOT AGAINST MAKING MONEY. I am all for earning money doing something you love that is creative. Podcasting is a with-all-your-heart creative endeavor. To me making money Podcasting is fine as long as it stays fun, doesn’t hurt people, etc. It is possible to be a ethical and socially responsible business person. Just tricky. I really enjoyed this article. It’s casual use of real human language and facts makes for fun and informative reading.