Arrived @ Mobile Media in LA

Just got finished with the meet and greet intro session launching the Mobile Media Conference here in LA. (GREAT Chinese food! hmmm That really hit the spot.) Lots of interesting people with a very diverse set of backgrounds. Internet folks, newspaper people, big media, new media. There are people representing the Associated Press, NBC, Qualcom, the Red Cross, NPR, the Venture County Star, independent blogs, etc., etc. It’s a nice small group so I expect to have some fantastic conversations. I hope to put some interesting questions to some interesting people. The podcasts might take a few days to get up because I’m paying for wired internet access in the hotel room. 🙁 The upside is I can wait to edit and upload the audio interviews later. I can make them sound better in my home studio. Tomorrow I’ll be event blogging. Lots of note taking and listening. 🙂

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