End of Second Day at Mobile Media

What a wonderful day at the University of Southern California. Specifically the Immersive Media Lab and their cool tech. Ex. Immersive 10.1 sound systems (that’s 5.1 times two), P2P streaming video, Haptics, and Serious Games for Education. Plus much much more. I’m going to have lots to write later after it all sinks in. Cheers Ya’ll!

Mobile Media Con
Thursday, April 28, 2005
Day 2: The Future

Intro to IMSC
(Integrated Media Systems Center)

Adam C. Powell, III

USC Immersive Media Lab

Tour has two parts
1. Integration Lab
2. Individual Components

How do you design systems that use continuous media on a system designed for email where 2 milliseconds of error is ok? (ie digital packet based networks, TCP-IP)

Serious Games (new director who invented ‘America’s Army’ a multiplayer game)
* Health – admitting children to hospital
* Biology – learning about how the human body works

IMSC Demos

Haptics – Wayne Zhu
Physical feed back from external devices provided by 3D models and computer interactivity.

3D modeling and Recognition – Philippos Mordohai
3D models created from Stereoptic camera photography of faces. Comparison of two pictures to identify a person automatically.

Peer-to-Peer Video Streaming – Farnoush Anurag
Streaming Video from multiple sources simultaneously to increases speed and raise redundancy.

2020 Classroom – Luciano
First person Computer Games that teach serious subjects like Biology.

Session 7
Tim Repsher, Mobile, Bakersfield paper

The HOT lead is back! Newspapers can scoop network news with mobile tech.

Local news is key.
“First to know, First to tell”

Know your competitors and their touch points.

Competitive analysis is important. Know Google, yahoo, Graig’s list,…

The mobile niche will show itself.

MI: I’d go even further and say mobile niches will *appear to* INVENT themselves. People who used to be only consumers will invent markets organically. It’s up to ya’ll to be ready to serve the niches just created a minute ago.


They built this site by creating ideas then sharing them with the future users. Then they asked the users to put a red x on pages that didn’t make sense to them. No ideas on pages with red Xs were used in the final site.

An Integrated information and customer database is needed. Tag, categorize…make it related.

MI: what’s preventing individuals from producing their own content and other readers from aggregating these reports themselves? Using RSS readers etc.?
A: The local market of Bakersfield isn’t that savvy. They don’t know about RSS

Q (follow up) What happens when they learn about RSS readers? Just like email. Not everyone knew about it then they learned.

A (follow up) Then we’ll move forward and use new methods.

MI: This new change in news gathering and consuming is all about speed. If individuals can gather and share faster than a company then they will prevail. If a business can do it fast then they will retain some advantage.

Howard Owen, Ventura County Star

Lots of questions asked during this presentation:

How do you confirm that a citizen journalist took a picture, who they say they are, etc.?

What’s the difference between a photo blog and a news site accepting a picture?

Lots of concern in group about validating the authenticity of photos and the people who took them.

Self Selecting Content

“In the future the most popular TV show will be independently created with ess than 5 million viewers.” –Howard Owen

Why aren’t newspapers providing free Wi-Fi access where the users see the web page of the newspaper when they first launch their browser?

Dean Newton, VP, Entertainment Media, Infospace Mobile

40-50% of ringtone sales are Hip Hop songs

“The people who play wireless games are board out of their minds.”
– Hostage Time –

Dean N. doesn’t think people buy cell phones to watch video.

Infospace is launching a music and video service though…

“The core demo that buys mobile media content is tweens thru twenty-four.”

Infospace’s core demo (hip speak for demographic) wants to know if Britney Spears gets married – in real time.

“Apple’s profit numbers are a pimple on a rino’s ass compared to the theft of full length music online.”

LabelTones are audio clips based on content from a major record labels. Adoption of LabelTones is based on new handsets that play them.

Eric Estrada saying something funny is the most popular celebrity FXTone from infospace.

Infospace will never be in the adult content business, but adult cell phone content is huge.

Audio streaming on phones sorta like satellite radio.

Side note: A word I’d never really heard before this conference was Monetize.
Definition: Monetize – to turn a concept into a money making opportunity.


Anita Wilhelm, Caterpillar Mobile

“Mobile Media Fun!”

garage cinema research

UC Berkley working on automatic tagging of photos at Phones

Emerging markets for gaming and camera phones

Automatically tagging photos at the phone.

“No viable method for sharing photos with camera phones.”

Sharing the experience

Keeping the memories

Changing the Interaction
Pushing and Pulling images from the phone to other phones.

Q: Do you see the future of software dev for handsets being more open?

J2ME based image software, game based on sms and mms

Automatic Tagging, heuristic patterns and AI algorithms
Who you are
Where you are, semantic location
What you are doing

Anita Wilhelm, Yuri Takhteyev, Risto Sarvas, Nancy VanHouse, and March Davis
Title: Photo Annotation on a Camera Phone
Proc. CHI2004, Vienna, Austri April 24-29, 2004

Risto Sarvas, Erick Herrarte, Anita Wilhelm, Marc Davis.
Title: Metadata Creation System for Mobile Images.
Proc. MobiSys 2004. Boston, Mass. June 6-9, 2004

3:52 pm
Karen Stephenson, President, NetForm

Cultures have always sent images across time.

Go Home – Some people go to homes
The Young and the Restless – Some people have several homes

No Home – some people have no home. Nomads

“Trust is the infrastructure of creating networks.” – Karen Stephenson

We live in a Heterarchy.

Scalable Heterarchy

Global nomadism is transitional between traditional broadcasting and mobile multi-tasking narrow-catching

MI: What’s the OED definition of Heterarchy? of Hierarchy? of Anarchy?

(Prefix) Heter –
(Sufix) Archy –

Propinquity – like to be in proximity

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