Interview with Ethan Clauset at the Carrboro Book Fair

Here you have a short interview with Ethan Clauset the main organizer of the Carrboro Book Fair in Carrboro, NC. The event was last Saturday May 7, 2005 and was sponsored by Internationalist Books and Community Center. I asked Ethan why he created the first annual Carrboro Book Fair and what his influences where. This was a grassroots lefty book event for small presses and authors to sell their work. They even had several readings and teach-ins on stuff like how to layout your own newspaper without a computer. AK Press, Crimethinc, Garrett County Press, Parcell Press, Stan Goff, Jon Eliston, and The Peoples Channel (a localpublic access tv station) were all there. Plus many many more. While I was at the book fair I bought a essay in book form called ‘On Bullshit‘ by Harry G. Frankfurt.

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