6th Annual RTPnet Conference

The 6th Annual RTPnet Conference and Community Technology Awards is this Friday, May 20. It’s being held at the Friday Center at the University of North Carolina. This event is a state wide non-profit technology conference that’s mission is to help non-profits use technology more effectively. Check out the schedual for the event.

Ruby and I will be speaking at a breakout session from 2:15 to 3:45pm. We’ll show how blogging and podcasting can be used by non-profit organizations. Click more to read our session description. 🙂

*An introduction to blogging and podcasting*
a.k.a. ‘*What is all this “blog” stuff? And why should I care?’
with Brian Russell and Ruby Sinreich

Ruby and Brian are nonprofit staff members, activists, and geeks. In this session they will explain how blogs, podcasting, and other grassroots tools can help you find new supporters, mobilize old ones, share news and information, tell your stories, amplify unheard voices, communicate clearly, harness volunteer energy, and build a movement around your cause – all at little or no cost.

Brian is the Technology Coordinator at the Durham Literacy Center and podcasts at AudioActivism.org. Ruby is the Online Organizing Manager at Planned Parenthood Federation of America and blogs at lotusmedia.org and OrangePolitics.org.

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