Making vs Lobbying reform movements

Rabble over at has a post called Follow up on the National Conference On Media Reform. It describes the tension between the two reform movements. The making your own media groups (one ex. Indymedia) and lobbying for media reform within the existing media establishment groups. I am absolutely in the making media reform crew, but feel caught inbetween sometimes. On one hand I’m in AmeriCorp and on a town tech committee (within established systems) on the other hand I make grassroots media and sometimes think traditional media should just be allowed to die a slow respectful death (outside established systems). Damn I’m split! How can I live in both worlds? Crazy thing is I enjoy it. If I can build bridges between the suits and the brilliant kids in the streets I will. (Maybe blow up ‘the bridges’ too. Metaphorically speaking that is.) But I will not facilitate the trade of someones individuality and personal rights – how ever they define them – to a Corporate entity with no feelings of it’s own.