Blogging and Podcasting Presentation

On Friday, May 20, 2005 Ruby and I gave a presentation at the RTPnet Conference about Blogging and Podcasting. (It’s an anual event about how non-profits can use technology more effectivly.) Our breakout session was from 2:15 to 3:45pm. We really enjoyed meeting everyone and learning from others. Here are the materials from the event.

PDF of our PowerPoint presentation
MP3 of my Podasting interveiw Demo, 31s 1.2MB 320kbps

I used the Olympus DS-2 to record the interview demo during our presentation.
Here is the DS-2 manufacture’s page, O’reilly has a review of the Olympus DS-2, and Froogle has a list of DS-2s for sale on several websites.

Update: Here is what some people are saying about our presentation. Jim Buie live blogged it. Calvin graciously let me record him for the above MP3. Beth read the pdf of our slides and linked to the non-profit blog examples Ruby gave. Smart! I wish we had recorded our session too. 🙁 Ah technical problems.

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