Jon Elliston speaks at the Carrboro Book Fair

Here is a recording of the entire talk and group discussion led by the amazing writer Jon Elliston at the Carrboro Book Fair. [See also my interview with Ethan the Book Fair organizer.] He discussed much of the new literature on interrogation and torture in the “war of terror”. A large amount of these books came out after the horrible violence that occurred at Abu Ghraib at the hands of US soldiers. It was fascinating to hear about how much detailed information is available about this horrific crime from the US military and other US government agencies themselves. Chief among them is the Taguba Report that made it into The New Yorker article by Seymour Hirsh that broke this awful story to the US and possibly the world. Many of us at the talk questioned the trustworthiness of all of this government information. If they somehow they let us read these terrifying accounts, what more violence hides under the rocks?

One of the most interesting parts of this recording, IMHO, is the response from the audience after the talk. One gentleman in particular said the talk was “very naive” and proceeded to tell a story about being abused in a southern jail, right here in the good ole’ USA.

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